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High level mixins for adding authorization, resource ownership and permission management fast, simple and easy. In summary, Ziggurat Foundations is a set of framework agnostic set of SQLAalchemy classes, so it can be used with Flask, Pyramid or other popular frameworks. It is the perfect solution for handling complex login and user management systems, from e-commerce systems, to private intranets or large CMS systems. It can easily be extended to support any additional features you may need (explained further in the documentation)


Ziggurat Foundations aims to simplify user, permission and resource management, allowing you to concentrate on application development, as opposed to developing your own user and permission based models/code.

DOCUMENTATION: http://readthedocs.org/docs/ziggurat-foundations/en/latest/

BUG TRACKER: https://github.com/ergo/ziggurat_foundations

DOCUMENTATION REPO: https://github.com/ergo/ziggurat_foundations/tree/master/docs

CHANGELOG: https://github.com/ergo/ziggurat_foundations/blob/master/CHANGES.md



By default ziggurat aims at postgresql 8.4+ (CTE support) as main RDBMS system, but currently everything except recursive queries(for optional resource tree structures) is tested using sqlite, and will run on other popular database systems including mysql. For other database systems that don’t support CTE’s fallbacks will be supplied.

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